9:32 AM

Fighting for survival and I guess I must Be winning And my story is so long I can’t remember the beginning Am I an optimist Or am I a pessimist If I see a half empty half full cup Is half full Of nothingness Advertisements

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Cause what if I never feel grown up and die in a car accident? And what if I go crazy And what if this time it’s permanent? And what if I go broke And have to move back with my parents? And then what if I get cancer And I ain’t got no insurance? All […]

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6:00 AM

I lay down every night and I can’t get no rest. Cause it starts spinning in my brain and then it’s pounding in my chest… What if I’ve wasted all my youth? What if I’ve wasted growing up? What if I wasted my whole life? Oh man, I feel like throwing up; i‘s an anxiety […]

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I don’t go lookin’ for things I know I don’t wanna see, but somehow no matter how hard I try your tall tales end up back to me, rare breed I’m a rare breed, but it’s not enough to keep you here with me… A dog is a dog even without his leash, but I […]

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Be exactly who you want to be, do what you want to doI am she and he is he but you’re the only youNo one else has got your eyes, can see the things you seeits up to you to change your life and my life up to meThe problems that you duffer from are […]

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Over the line, we think twice “It’s not the way,” they say but it will have to do and, I’ll speak to you in time. I’ll be on my best, for sure… You can rest assured until seven’s day… These are not the blades of grass That you came for and the pain, it subsides with […]

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Baby… Sweetheart…. You’re so insecure, taking back your words, Lover… loveless…. take me, take me by my hair take me to your lair. Seweetheart… Daydream… Speechless aint your thing, tell me what you need honey, daydream… Fill me with your needs I don’t need to breathe, I understand. i get it, i know that you […]

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