8:27 PM

Suddenly, I’m back up on my feet It felt like I never missed a beat I admit to have lost my balance Born from my own selfish imprudence I have wondered aimlessly for far way to long I have let myself go astray Tried to find the arms where I should belong. Tried but found […]

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When he breaks up with you to “find himself” but instead he found somebody else…

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12:34 AM

I just… want to lay on top of a hill staring at the stars pretending that I am familiar with the whole astrology thing on nights like this… I want to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise knowing that there is work to be done. I want to spend my rainy days indoors […]

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Always getting letters in the mail with a handkerchief and request for outrageous amounts of money from the Jehovah Witness churches in my community… I don’t care what any one thinks ir have to say but Jehovah Witness is a man made religion/ scam that only targets the pockets of the “low-income/ Middle Class” in […]

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9:32 AM

Fighting for survival and I guess I must Be winning And my story is so long I can’t remember the beginning Am I an optimist Or am I a pessimist If I see a half empty half full cup Is half full Of nothingness

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Cause what if I never feel grown up and die in a car accident? And what if I go crazy And what if this time it’s permanent? And what if I go broke And have to move back with my parents? And then what if I get cancer And I ain’t got no insurance? All […]

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