April 18, 2013

Though there is a weird stigma with doing things by yourself in public. There are certain things that we do alone and then there are certain things we just don’t do… Instead of going to see “Jeffrey Lewis” play at Cakeshop tonight. Id probably just get really stoned and watch “the Simpsons, by myself. Watching shows and movies on your own in your own home is totally cool, but when other people can actually see you watching “Big Fish” by yourself it becomes extremely uncomftorable.

When I couldn’t find anyone to to come and see “GYMSHORTS” a few months ago, I bit the bullet and went alone. It was weird at first, but kinda awesome at the same time. Complete freedom, like sleeping naked for the first time… When I tell people about the show I get mixed reactions, A lot of people have told me that they admire my courage, like I overcame some tragedy haha. That they could never go to a show alone. Others express jealousy saying that they wish  they could do something like that.

 Life happens and you shouldn’t miss out on something because you’re too scared to walk to another building and stand there alone for two hours. Everyone is doing they’re own thing having drinks and are too focused on the show and the best part about going to a show alone is that if you start to feel uncomftorble you can always leave when ever you want.

-Ayana C.


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