January 8,2017

I’m sorry we couldn’t have breakfast before I left. I hope that the meeting went well… I miss your smile and I miss your company. I’m thinking of you on the train I’m thinking about you when I’m busy. I like you so much… I like the sneakers that you wear. I like your teeth and I like it when you tie your hair. I like getting drunk on whiskey.. dark chocolate, roast dinners. Number one would be indulgence. Sending poste cards, drawing pictures, always remembering… Sweaty clamy hands, holding hands. So much crap in my bag. Too many things but we love keeping things.. Lettets, pictures ripped out of magazines. Photos letters broken bits of jeweleryim convinced that one day I will make this into something… Cool Make up dress up… Tear and run down my face, over my body through my veins.. Make my hair stand on ends. Give me goose bump, confidence. A secret. I feel safe and warm and I don’t want to leave because I am back to when I was 7years old covered in glitter and smooth lines. Scratch, jump, run fall and we’re back up… Bread. I love eating bread. I love when you draw something and it’s not dead. It moves off the page and round people’s minds. You make other people laugh. But everything you do could make me cry.


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