April 12,2016


what the hell do we really know about life?… No one really knows what they’re doing or where they’re going to wound up in life,really. I always hear of people giving advice on what steps to take to get to where you should be; but do they really have theyre life sorted out, are they where they supposed to or want to be in life?

We pretty much know nothing, but enough to keep us living well.

If we were to choose the way we want to live since from birth than one of us would choose to be homeless. None of us would choose to to be orphans. None of us would choose to be on the streets or train begging for money, none of us would choose not to live in luxury, none of us would choose to be alone, none of us would choose to live in pain, none of us would choose not to have a good job and choose to not get paid every single day…


We don’t always get what we want but we always get what we need and when i say what we need.  I mean the air we breath in, water, life and health. We all have to be grateful and thankful for waking up every single morning. Waking up to so many beautiful things, no matter how much your life is screwed up or no matter how much you want to give up on your life… We all know that this life can’t be without the opposite. Like life would not even have a meaning if there is no death, food and hunger, no matter how much food you have there’s always hunger.

I feel as though we just have to accept the life we live in nowadays and move on. Work hard stress less, we just live it.

And to all those people saying “live life to the fullest or YOLO (you only live once” is deceiving and you’ll end up messing up. sometimes you just gotta do it right. Put selfishness, ego, pride, greediness aside. Rich or Poor, broke or not we are all the same because we are all human beings living in the same world. We are all going to be buried in the same earths soil one day. So dont ever say you are nothing, you have nothing, you are something because you can breathe and you have a heart. If you mess up you can always wake up and start a brand new fresh say. Leave yesterdays troubles for yesterday.. Let’s just live our lives in the condition we find it in and never give up no matter what because we can actually change our lives for good for the better. It’s all about living on the edge and forgetting the fall, crossing your fingers, hoping it’s worth it all.



-Ayana Carey


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