April 22,2017

What the hell is Love? Do we really even know what it is or just the idea of it? I’m asking you…

Is Love a scam; is it a risky investment or what about heart break… it’s always going to be opposite when it comes to meeting someone who really feels the same way about you. You are lucky if you do find someone in that means.
Another state referred to as “love” is co-dependency. This is the desperate, needy psychological state that convinces the individuals that they NEED each other in order to be happy.  A break up will often be followed by deep depression & years of longing.
What I have come to recognize (through many many painful variations on the above), is that what is important is being loving.  This active state is not dependent upon a specific other, nor is it addictive or desperate in nature.  It is a choice one makes in actions towards others, towards oneself, towards the environment, etc…
Being loving feels fantastic…it seems to arise from what I think of as my Best Self.  It is free of guilt and obligation, and it has no strings attached for the recipient.  I don’t have to wait for permission to be loving, so this experience cannot be denied nor taken away from me.  I can be loving to anyone who crosses my path, though the specific expression is tailored to the degree of relationship between us.
I agree with you that the fantasy of Love is a scam.  It obscures and distracts us from the real deal…loving


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