June 29,2013 2:08AM

When you say that you wont change for someone you love. Saying that “if they loved me, they wouldnt want me to change” and thinking that they need to ” love me for who i am and respect me for the person i chose to be.” but thats the thing. When you love someone, you’d want change just to please them and make them happy. Maybe youll style your hair different or try new things that youd never think twice about. Like eating new food, listening to new genres of music. Pretty much put a smile on their face. Yes there is a line between likeing new things (which will tweak who you are a little) and behaving like someone you not. But theres nothing wrong with changing some little details about yourslef. I wouldnt even call it changing. Id call it growing up. You learn new things about yourslef while making new memories with someone you truly care about….idk the thought is interesting


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