July 4, 2017

One day the guy I with told me that I was replaceable, to my face I have to admit that it hurt for a bit because I took it personally. But once I got over my feelings of entitlement, it actually got me thinking about what it means to be replaceable. You can give your all, go out your way, even be the best self you can be and he/she will wake up one day and say NO…

We are all replaceable to someone, even as basic members of society we are replaceable. Its a lot harder to think of it when you’re with intimate relationships. There are these fun things called emotions that bond us to certain people and sometimes we forget our role in  the relationship…  What starts out as a two way, mutually beneficial set up can easily become a one way street to misery that we either resign ourselves… Unfortunately this has become a common place for women, if that makes any sense does this make sense?

When I first thought of myself as being replaceable I thought of it in a very negative way. I like feeling special, important to my partner and feeling replaceable takes away those feelings. It honestly makes you think “whats the point, yo?”. Further more I have learned to replace those thoughts with these; that my partner is not obligated to be with me. He CHOOSES to be with me out of his own free will. Gratitude for that not out of desperation, but out of humility. i don’t think I’m entitled to my partners love or care, but i accept and appreciate that he chooses to share those things with me and because I keep that mind frame I am filled with genuine desire to want to be my “best possible self” for him… He could still replace me if he wanted, so this doesn’t come from fear  or manipulation in which I think is a cmmon misconception. I could be everything he wanted and he could still say, no just as I could be nagging and could still say nah I’m good…

We are all relaceable. We should never forget that in general others are not obligated to us. We are not special snowflakes and we do not deserve special treatment. Keep abundance mentality in mind and appreciate that your partner chose you.


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