August 5th

All the words I had to say.  They don’t mean nothing to you What the hell I’m on my way there is no nothing better. All we had to do was touch… That was the best chance I could have ever and all of us. All day long we looked to fall.  Looking into the […]

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Nov 2nd

Falling over, banging heads holes in both our tights bruises, both late… I forget but you always remember, perfume fresh. Wooden floorboards, wardrobes, charity shops and tube stops. Sisters, fights, tears and thoughts about the future but lets stick to the present Like sellotape wrapped up so tight… I love thinking about you.  Felt so good, like […]

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Can I just say how disappointed I was on the 5th floor at the MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art) located on 53rd street and 5th avenue to find a whole galleria dedicated to exhibiting blank canvases and photos of the back, more blank canvases and scribble scrabble…. I love art; everything about it, some things […]

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Sat urday 11:51 PM

ya know, I was really depressed earlier where i had to nap during the day and such…Though I actually gained the energy to come out to these shindigs and am having a great time, Im missing this movie in the park thing but hell I look GOOD as always… I don’t know why I tried […]

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Saturday 4:12 PM

When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other… This presence is felt through a held hand, the sound of a voice and even the sight of a smile. Souls do not have things like calendars or clocks neither do they understand the notion of […]

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Flying… I’m flying Hitting heavens high I’m head on brake too low Floating I’m floating Hanging below the sea I’m telling you look at me Im in ecstasy, Im in ecstasy…              

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