July 4, 2017

One day the guy I with told me that I was replaceable, to my face I have to admit that it hurt for a bit because I took it personally. But once I got over my feelings of entitlement, it actually got me thinking about what it means to be replaceable. You can give your […]

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August 23, 2016

Warm and fun like apple pie you heat me up and cool me down. Pinch my sides cover my eyes pick me up and ring me around. Dont wanna fight I’m yours tonight smooth as whiskey you take me down. Cinanom flavors taste the honey. I’m your little flower and you’re my bumble B… Sitting […]

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June 29,2013 2:08AM

When you say that you wont change for someone you love. Saying that “if they loved me, they wouldnt want me to change” and thinking that they need to ” love me for who i am and respect me for the person i chose to be.” but thats the thing. When you love someone, you’d […]

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Nate it took me a year to realize that there might be no human being on this planet that looks the same way but the most important thing is that there is no human being who loves the same way as another. It took me a year to realize that there are billions kinds of […]

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May 19, 2017

Somebody Hey mister rain man Come rain down on me Let me tell you what i been through these days What i been through these days Hey mister man come Come stand by me I got something on my chest Let me tell you what i been through these days What i been through these […]

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Every night when I put my head against the pillow, it’s like an adventure. I never know how long it’s gonna take me to sleep. But what happens is that my mind starts to race uncomfortably. I don’t shut off my brain, my brain doesn’t shut off. I can’t control where it goes or for […]

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As others were; I have not seen As others saw; I could not bring My passions from a common spring. From the same source I have not taken My sorrow; I could not awaken My heart to joy at the same tone; And all I loved, I loved alone. Then- in my childhood, in the […]

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